PDF Download of 1905 Ka Buke a Moramona Available Here on Moananui.org

Moananui.org is pleased to make available for download the PDF copy of Ka Buke a Moramona (1905 edition) right here on the moananui.org web site. This is 50 years newer than the edition which is currently offered in printed format. The 1905 edition also has the advantage of being organized using the current divisions of chapters and verses, rather than the antiquated divisions used in the 1855 edition.

Aditionally, the 1905 edition of Ka Buke a Moramona includes a 22-page index. This index contains 252 main headings and hundreds and hundreds of entries under the main headings.

The PDF copy can be downloaded from

Feel free to download this valuable resource.

Church Offers PDF Download of 1855 Ka Buke A Moramona

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made available for download the PDF copy of Ka Buke a Moramona (1855 edition) on the Church’s web site. This is the same edition which is currently offered in printed format.

The file can be downloaded from

I will not be offering a download locally from moananui.org, as I am sure the Church will be monitoring the download statistics on their site to see how much interest there is in Ka Buke a Moramona.

So, even if you have a paper copy of the 1855 edition, I would encourage you to download this PDF to show how much interest there is. In fact, even if you have a copy of the more recent 1905 edition with its division into modern chapters and verses, I would urge you to download this PDF for the same reason, to show the level of interest in Ka Buke a Moramona. Mahalo.

He Lives!

He lives! Our Savor, Jesus Christ, lives again!

He who was born for us,
who lived for us,
who suffered for us,
who took not only all our sins but all our pain and all our sorrows upon himself for us,
and who died for us


May we all find the incomprehensible joy that comes from that knowledge as we celebrate His resurrection on this blessed Easter Day!


P.S. One of my favorite hymns celebrates His resurrection and atonement all year long. It is “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.” Here are the lyrics to that wonderful hymn.

I know that my Redeemer lives.
What comfort this sweet sentence gives!
He lives, He lives who once was dead
He lives, my ever-living Head

He lives! To bless me with his love
He lives! To plead for me above
He lives! My hungry soul to feed
He lives! To bless in time of need

He lives! To grant me rich supply
He lives! He lives to guide me with his eye.
He lives! To comfort me went faint
He lives! To hear my soul’s complaint

He lives! To silence all my fears
He lives! To wipe away my tears
He lives! To calm my troubled heart
He lives! With blessings to impart

He lives, my kind, wise heav’nly Friend.
He lives and loves me to the end.
He lives, and while he lives I’ll sing.
He lives, my Prophet, Priest, and King.

He lives and grants me daily breath.
He lives, and I shall conquer death.
He lives my mansion to prepare.
He lives to bring me safely there.

He lives! All glory to his name!
He lives! My Savior still the same.
Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
“I know that my Redeemer lives!”

He lives! all glory to his name!
He lives! My Savior still the same!
Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives:
“I know that my Redeemer lives!”

The New, Improved Moana Nui is Here!

Welcome to the new, improved version of the Moana Nui web site. Hey, wait a minute! Aren’t those ads for “New, Improved Acme Corn Flakes” or new, improved whatever just really annoying? You find yourself asking, “What was wrong with the old, unimproved stuff I bought just last week?”

So why on earth would I announce this as the new, improved version of the moananui.org web site? Just what was wrong with the old one? The answer to the first question is that this version is in fact new, and it is in fact better. The new part is that the site is now powered by WordPress and has a much cleaner and up-to-date look. There is also already some new content, with more to come, including witty, insightful, and engaging posts like this one. All right, bad example.

So what is improved about the site? Well, that actually leads us to the second question–what was wrong with the old site? A number of people complained that the old site was hard to navigate. I hope that on the new version of the site, the navigation bar just above the content area of each page will provide easier-to-read menus as you mouse over the main choices. Of course, you can also chose the main choices, too, as they each lead to a page of content.

Also, the old site was very hard to maintain. Changes required editing on a local computer, then uploading each changed file to the site. Additions required editing the menu on EVERY PAGE of the site in order to add a link to the new page. What a nightmare! No wonder I made very few changes and almost no additions to the site once I had it up and running.

But with WordPress powering the site, I can edit things online with a decent, if not perfect, editor. I can create content right online, too. And to top it all off, once I place the WordPress-generated menu entry for the new page where I want it in the overall menu structure, WordPress makes sure that the menu is updated for the whole site. YES! Ah, the joys of a database-driven website!

And if I get tired of the look of the site, WordPress has just shy of a gazillion different themes, any one of which can give the site a whole new look.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy touring the new version of the site and that you find it useful, too.